Dust Control

Dust Control

Say no to dust! With watering being such a chore and the cost of water being expensive if you are not on a well, installing additives to retain moisture can save a lot of time and money not to mention a better riding experience. Contact us to find out how additives can help your dust problem.

ArenaKleen never dries up, never evaporates, never hardens, and does not wash away with rain. Even dusty driveways, roads and parking areas can benefit from treatment. ArenaKleen works well with all types of riding arena footing such as sand, stone dust, fine processed screened gravel, and all of the various blends that include the previous as well as many of the fiber products such as rubber, leather, wood, and blends. ArenaKleen is perfect for cold Colorado temperatures too since it will NOT freeze. It can be applied in any temperature and will minimize issue with arena footing material freezing even in extreme cold. Did we mention…when you use ArenaKleen - watering is never required for dust control. Climate or humidity is not a factor AND it does not wash away or dilute in rain events.

SAFE and NON-TOXIC: Our dust control product is a blend of high-tech, safe, odorless, organic fluids, that is highly refined, proven to be non-toxic to humans, animals, marine life and plants.

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